So..It's finally happening... 

So.. it’s finally happening.  Life is rapidly changing and I feel how important it is to share what we know with each other. After spending 8 years in China, I am experiencing a great change and connection here in the West.

You’ve been asking me to release training material of some sort for awhile. I thought about it, however I wanted to release it differently than how martial arts training has been shared before. What exists now is mostly based on comparing “what is” with the existing ideal, which takes us away from being in the present moment.
I am creating a community of people that want to learn my particular style, which is a fusion of styles. I personally do not believe in strictly following one doctrine, one style, one way of practicing the movement, but rather it being all in one simultaneously. Explosive like nan-quan, flowing like tai-chi, effortless like breathing. By joining Wu woman community letter,  you will gain access to secret training videos.

Looking forward to sharing my passion with you,

Your Wu Woman,