Even my usual 1 hour Qi Gong guided practice has been influenced by your teachings, where each movement has been given more meaning and emphasis and presence by me, and each being more of my own - making the form mine as I do it. Thank you!
— Anthony Ross, Artist, Illustrator, Canada
For me Explosiveness & fluidity of martial movement course was not only about the cool forms. But about the life energy that is beyond every movement of every person and the tools I got - are tools that help me feel it, gather it, maintain it and express it in different ways. As you wrote: “Every day you are a Qigong master of your own life” and this short paragraph made me reflect more about everyday life, life outside the training hall, and I ended up making it my field of practice as well. Making every moment of my life a moment of energy.
But how can I actually feel the energy? It was always the question to me.
Practicing Qigong with other teachers I kept asking myself: is this “Energy” what I feel or do I do something wrong? Should my hands be warm or cold? Should I feel this or that? It was really difficult to make the mind to shut up.
During the course, as I’ve started practicing Breathing with sound, all these questions have disappeared all by themselves. This was probably the “key” exercise for me that have changed the quality of my life since I do it. Cool. Just cool? No ) Actually, I can’t describe it to you how little energy I had before and how I can feel it increasing now, day by day! Thank you so so much for that!!!
— Jana Volkova, Dancer, Greece
I was super happy and excited when I heard of the online course because I wanted to learn a bit of the magic of Wu Woman. She is a very good teacher no matter of you are a beginner or already more advanced in martial arts. It is not important which martial arts you are practicing, you can learn a lot in this course. I like the concept of martial movements and I was happy that I could practice at home
— Nina Marzan, Filmmaker, Germany
Svitlana is an amazing martial arts guide, with a true talent for providing a way to explore practical movements and esoteric concepts. Her online course is genuine, accessible, and filled with knowledge. Thanks to her teachings I have a new understanding of relaxation, flow, and power
— Grear Wilson, Martial Artist, NYC