HIDDEN WU is a solo piece about a multidimensional traveling woman that finds her way back to herself, finding her WU, which was inspired by one and only queen of China

HIDDEN WU – a life force that can equally be defined and undefined by its holder simultaneously. The one who unlocks the hidden Wu is no longer constrained by physical limitations. Wu ( from Chinese) warrior.

The piece is a collaboration of 3 artists : Svitlana Zavialova, Anastasia Lebedeva – contemporary digital artist and Maarten Rischen – a composer.

Solo is structured as an introspective monologue that leads to the final meeting with self.  As a protagonist travels between dimension she loses and gains her identities and changes genders.


 BECOMING is an experimental solo piece in collaboration with Anastasia Lebedeva. It's a fusion of movement art, and digital projection.

BECOMING is an observation of a transformation and of the delusion of things. The way explosivity of movements becomes softness is compared wth ink and water becoming one.