Svitlana Zavialova is a Ukrainian born performance artist, actor, kung fu visionary, filmmaker and orientalist.  She is a former world champion of Traditional Wushu (Kung fu) 2012, a host of Real Kung Fu Experience on CCTV-4 and a director of a variety of Asia-based stage and commercial video productions.

Successfully combining a journey in the commercial and non–commercial arts Zavialova is a contemporary soloist, performing durational pieces using martial movement as a central element of storytelling. Her solo show Hidden Wu, based on an introspective dialogue of Wu Ze Tian, the one and only Empress of China and  her inner life journey, was showcased at the Divided Unity Contemporary Exhibition – one of the biggest contemporary exhibitions in Asia.  Zavialova was honored to be the only western performer ever invited to perform a piece based on the life of a historical Chinese figure and a traditional national art. She also performs on some of the world’s most prestigious  commercial Kung fu stages such as Mandarin Bridge directed by Xie Fu Yin, who is best known for creating the legendary opening performance for the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

 Zavialova debuted as a TV choreographer with a S.H.E (Special Human Element) performance for a children’s Kung fu show, creating female dominant choreography never before seen in China, and bringing a  new vision of martial arts performance that empowers women to Chinese TV.

 Svitlana claims not to be a martial artist but an artist of martial movements.  In her solo work she pursues the phenomenon of “shen-fa”: The unspoken connection between the body and the mind and states that she would rather feel things through the movements than fit into existing categories and definitions of the physical arts.

 In 2012 Svitlana transitioned from solely being a stage artist and appeared on screen in a number of Asian and international films and TV shows.

 Svitlana is a dedicated orientalist with a mission of building bridges between east and west by co-creating and sharing authentic experiences. She believes in the power of collaboration and works in partnership with visual and physical artists from around the world.

 Zavialova claims to live in the air between east and west and gains inspiration and energy from the contrast between the simplicity and complexity of the interactions she observes.

      Mini Bio by Jay Wang