Svitlana Zavialova is a Ukrainian born kung fu visionary, performance artist, actor, and artreprener. She is a former world champion in musical forms of kickboxing as well as in traditional Wushu (kung fu), and a former host of Real Kung Fu Experience on CCTV-4. Her competitive specializations in wushu include, Nan-Quan, Nan-Dao, and Nan-Gung. Her traditional specializations are, Hu Xin Quan, Pudao, Yin Zhua Quan.

Successfully combining her journey in the commercial and non–commercial arts, Zavialova is a contemporary soloist who performs durational pieces using martial movement as a vehicle of storytelling. Her solo show Hidden Wu, based on an an introspective dialogue of Wu Ze Tian, the one and only Empress of China and her inner life journey, has been showcased worldwide. It was also performed at the Divided Unity Contemporary Exhibition – one of the biggest contemporary exhibitions in Asia. Zavialova was honored to be the only western performer ever invited to perform a piece based on the life of a historical Chinese figure and traditional national art.

She also performed on prestigious commercial kung fu stages in the art’s country of origin, China, such as in Mandarin Bridge directed by Xie Fu Yin, who is best known for creating the legendary opening performance for the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Svitlana claims not to be a martial artist, but an artist of martial movement. She breaks the existing constructs about what martial arts is. In her solo work, she pursues the phenomenon of “shen-fa”; the unspoken connection between the body and mind, and states that she would rather feel emotions through the movements rather than fit into existing categories and definitions of the physical art. Her style is defined as an intersection between classical kung fu, modern dance, and physical theatre. Perceived as a dancer and martial artist in the USA, and specialized in internal styles in China, her style of movement is referred to as musical qigong. Meaning, the poetry of kung fu in motion and emotional kung fu.

In 2012, Svitlana transitioned from solely being a stage artist to appearing on screen in a number of Asian and international films.

Svitlana is a dedicated orientalist with a mission of building bridges between east and west by co-creating and sharing authentic experiences through creating mindful, introspective art. She believes in the power of collaboration and works in partnership with visual and physical artists from around the world. She is also partnered with Kandao Technologies and Dobot Technologies.

Zavialova claims to live in the air between east and west and gains inspiration and energy from the contrast between the simplicity and complexity of the interactions she observes.

Mini Bio by Jay Wang