Svitlana Zavialova


Svitlana Zavialova is an actress, martial artist, physical theater performer and a world champion in traditional Wushu experienced in a wide array of traditional kung fu styles and weapons.

Born in Crimea (formely a part of Ukraine as of 2014), Zavialova spent much of her earlier youth with an interest in martial arts and theater. By the age of 17, she signed a contract with Nikolaev Boxing Club where she competed in soft forms of kickboxing and won a Kickboxing World Cup.

A few years later, Zavialova attended Nickolaev National University where she invented and patented a psychophysiological rehab system for people suffering from immobility, a system she incidentally used for a knee injury which allowed her to complete her education very fast during her recovery. Bearing these in mind and her nature as an artist notwithstanding, her adherance to psychology and tapping into the human psyche reflected deftly in her performances - an angle she found herself natural in when seuging into physical theater.

With this and shortly after school, she joined the Ukrainian Wushu Team in Kiev and made her first appearance on Ukrainian T.V., adding entertainment to her resume with an expressed interest in film and television. Aside from this, she continued to compete and began traveling abroad throughout Europe and the Middle East, and it was through her own career growth that her identity ultimately began taking shape through her practical uses of contemporary and informal elements.

Opportunely while in Istanbul, it was enough to gain the attention of theatrical representatives from Shanghai who offered Zavialova a chance to join Shanghai JHA Theater. Her time at the company led to her signing her first contract as a sports model in China, as well as a Chinese Opera stage performer and two Traditional World Wushu championships, and soon enough, her overseas collaborative efforts in digital artistry, conceptual photography and other fine artists landed her into film and acting.

Zavialova largely considers herself a citizen of the world through her consistent travel and a bustling work schedule which may see her gracing a variety of film, television and sports projects. Her practices in veganism and mindful meditation are also major factors in her identity in martial arts and other aspects of her growing career. Above all else, she views an apprecation of all forms of art as tantamount to inspiration for what she does, both on the screen and on stage.

~Lee Golden Film Combat Syndicate